Addiction vs Dependency

Addiction is characterized by behaviors that include one or more of the following: inability to control drug use, compulsive drug use, continued use of a drug despite physical, mental and/or social harm, or a craving for the drug.

Dependency is the body's adaptation to a particular drug. In other words, the individual's body gets used to receiving regular doses of a certain medication. When the medication is abruptly stopped or the dosage is reduced too quickly, the person will experience withdrawl symptoms.

“A Life Changing Program, Not Just a Prescription”

Our mission is to offer a life independent of opiate addiction through support, structure, and guidance. We believe recovery lies in routine and choice, not circumstance, to determine your success.

R.O.A.D Center is a private and discreet outpatient option for opiate recovery that allows you to regain control of, while staying active in, your life.

R.O.A.D Center provides access to a drug-replacement program that also includes coaching sessions regarding Suboxone and the Cycle of Opiate Addiction. R.O.A.D Center views the use of Suboxone and therapy as a partnership that provides an opportunity for successful completion of the program.

What is Suboxone?

  1. Suboxone suppresses withdrawal symptoms from prescription pain medications, heroin, or other similar full opioid agonists.
  2. It decreases cravings produced by opiate ,dependency.
  3. Suboxone helps the brain recover from damage caused by opiate misuse.
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